Big Budget Sound on a Small Budget

Hybrid mixing is the future!


You’d like to mix your next feature, pilot or web series on a great stage but don’t have enough in your budget? There is a solution; hire me to pre-dub your project in my home studio and I can final the mix on a big stage. Or we can final it in my studio if that fits your budget. 

I have many great stages in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area that are trying to fill their spaces with product. With the current offerings of powerful computers and software, an experienced mixer with these tools can bridge the gap creating a win-win for post house and clients.


Since 95% of broadcast media is now delivered via files and not tape, a large segment of the post production industry is feeling the crunch. I can mix projects in my personal studios while post production facilities can coordinate a single stage for several simultaneous projects. I’m already doing this for major network shows with great success so any room for skepticism can be dismissed. It works!


Whether you’re a post house that has less stages than potential clients or a producer feeling the crunch of higher expectations from your clients while they offer lower budgets, this could be your solution.


Drop me an email to see if we can put together a plan that delivers.